Allegro, by Ursula Freer

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Authors, Books and People

Bauval, Robert: see for brief descriptions of five books.

Cremo, Michael and Thompson, Richard: see for their groundbreaking book Forbidden Archaeology. A metal vase from the Pre-Cambrian era (600 million years back)? And many more extremely ancient artifacts shoved under the rug by the official story of our origins? Get ready for the evidence to ravage your mindset! Especially good is what they dub, tongue in cheek, their "anomalous links" page.

Freer, Neil: see and look at both his books, Breaking the Godspell and God Games: What Do You Do Forever? You may emerge from reading just his book descriptions wondering if you just came out of a bad bout of amnesia.

Hancock, Graham: see for good descriptions. Fingerprints of the Gods is a good starting point.

Pursglove, Paul David: see for description, excerpt and reviews of his anthology Zen in the Art of Close Encounters: Crazy Wisdom and UFOs. (Pursglove is also admin of this blog.)

Pye, Lloyd: see especially his excellent Everything You Know Is Wrong Book One: Human Origins. Pye brings more evidence to bear supporting Sitchin’s work, some of it delightfully surprising. Just browsing around in his good website will bring forth a high five or two in your own brain.

Sitchin, Zecharia: see for full list and description of nine books. Genesis Revisited is best place for newcomers to start.

Magazines and journals

Atlantis Rising: see Ancient mysteries, future science, unexplained anomalies

NEXUS: see "is an international bi-monthly alternative news magazine, covering the fields of: Health Alternatives; Suppressed Science; Earth’s Ancient Past; UFOs & the Unexplained; and Government Cover-Ups."

Films & Videos

Anunnaki the movie

"Are We Alone?" See Video of Sitchin and Harrington at Naval Observatory discussing Planet X, which Harrington claimed he’d already seen on the move toward us.


The New Being Project: see The research oriented site of the non-profit corporation sponsoring the blog you’re on.

A Sumerian lexicon Spending a few minutes with a few of the pages here will show the ways various syllables and combinations can have many contextually dictated related meanings in the language.

The Earth Chronicles: A Time Chart. Nicely done by Dave Schultz. It’s often hard to remember what happened when and what preceded what in Sitchin’s many books.

A large page of links to Sitchin-related sites.

A treasure house of information and descriptions of the post-Darwinist position and the many well-founded scientific criticisms of original and neo-Darwinism Many articles showing there are lots more alternatives to Darwin’s theories than Creationism. (But don’t tell that to the mainstream media. . .) Whitley and Ann Strieber’s site. Some of the most intelligent and non-doctrinaire UFO information and opinion available anywhere. "The credible edge", Whitley calls it. A good encyclopedic site for anomalous information of all kinds. Very well organized and bursting with fine graphics and photos especially of Sumerian art and artifacts found only in museums around the world. This is’s paranormal board. Wide-ranging and includes recent paranormal news that’s hard to find elsewhere. The Big Bang was always a bogus off-hand guess, and this site keeps you abreast of the events and disputes as this long-overdue theory’s demise proceeds. Brig Klyce’s excellent job of assembling all the data and refs to show even a hardened Darwin addict that we didn’t get here by gradualist adaptive changes. And life didn’t start here either. Klyce’s exhaustive list of tests for cosmic ancestry will blow down all the objections you might have. Greg Bishop and Nick Redfern aren’t afraid of dancing in the dark part of the Big Anomalies tent. As you can tell from the name of their blog. They do a fine job of posting the news on this edge of an already edgey topic.

MONDO GROSSO– Michael Grosso’s site which is about "information singularities," the kind that "challenge paradigms." "Why St John? He had the idea of a new heaven and earth; an end to ordinary history; — a new story."

Matrix Masters — All the connections between psychedelic experience and UFO contact you’ve always known were out there somewhere, collected here.  A feast!