Wings, by Ursula Freer

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"The human condition is something at once horrible and marvelous. We are very badly made, but we are not finished." Eduardo Galeano (Uruguayan journalist)

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*EBE = Extra-Biological Entity. Can include beings or intelligences who are present to our perceptions in some way. I.e., sometimes appearing like extraordinary-looking nutznboltz beings, sometimes appearing diaphanous, sometimes not appearing (to the eyes anyway) at all. These can be beings or intelligences who’ve been here on this planet much longer than we have (Ultra-terrestrials), beings or intelligences from off-planet, and/or those humans who have "crossed over" but are contactable and/or who make contact with us physical beings by many means: John Edward-type mediums, ITC and so on.

**"There are at least two kinds of games. One could be called finite, the other, infinite. A finite game is played for the purpose of winning, an infinite game for the purpose of continuing the play." -James P. Carse, Finite and Infinite Games


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Once more, an enthusiastic welcome to you! Join us in discovering how our hurry-up genetic engineering job of a species can find ways to become homo sapiens v2.0.* 
*Swami Beyondananda, in a nearly unfunny joke, calls our present mutually destructive version "homo ignoranus."