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Introductory post

By David Pursglove | May 17, 2007

Granted, a subject rather tangential to the blog’s purpose. . .Or is it? My bet is most contributors here are nominal post-Darwinists and subscribe to at least an ostensibly “scientific” version of Intelligent Design (Behe, Paul Davies and others) that bears only coincidental relation to a few Creationist stances. (Maybe I shouldn’t have capitalized the “I” and the “D” lest the initial caps convey an unwelcome aura of authoritarian Xianity.)

Knowing we’re a genetic hybrid still begs the knotty “origin of life” question. Our form of carbon-based life may have originated elsewhere. . .Panspermia and so on. And just for the heck of it, let’s consider that some friendly EBEs might be, say, silicon-based life. Hmmm. . .Now the fun begins, eh?
But the ID subject’s a perennial hot button in the USA, and I’m sure it’ll come up here, and generate fruitful discussion of new angles on the subject and more. Here’s the place for up-and-back on those ideas.

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